KidzLive with Swarandeep Kambo

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Introverts are the people who predominantly concerned with their own self thoughts and feelings rather than external feelings. They have a tough time in opening up and expressing their view points. And so was Mr. Swarandeep Kambo. Today, this man is the Lead – Investments and Community at 𝐔𝐍𝐋𝐄𝐀...

Kidzlive with Priyanka Prabhakar

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It’s 2020, and this year has already created a vacuum for the children during this quarantine period and the thought about when this pandemic will end and how children amidst this lockdown will engage themselves and get back on their track have been a major concern hindering every parent’s mind. But...

KidzLive with Shyama Pal

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“Think as if life is a campfire” All you need is a wood, some fire, a catalyst, campers and also an umbrella for a perfect campfire to happen. The wood is your strength. The value, the potential in you to do something. The fire is your Passion. Your desire. A Catalyst is your mentor. Anybody who sup...

KidzLive with Anurag Singhal

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Sometimes its inspirational, and somettimes its connecting people and sometimes even reliving the present. We all can emphatically agree that how our plans for vacations have merely been unfulfilled because of the pandemic but needn’t worry because kidzpreneur is back with its talk series with Anura...

KidzLive with Ashok Kumar Thakur

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Knowledge is Power, and Education is the anatomy of this power. Our education is our epitome of building up new blocks in life and transpiring our goals ahead. For every human being education plays a vital role, and within the years followed by; our education system have indeed transformed into an e...
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