“Think as if life is a campfire”

All you need is a wood, some fire, a catalyst, campers and also an umbrella for a perfect campfire to happen.

The wood is your strength. The value, the potential in you to do something. The fire is your Passion. Your desire. A Catalyst is your mentor. Anybody who supports you, wants to see you grow. People who inspire you. People who support you no matter what. The task is not complete. Our mission is not just to have a campfire. Out goal is to have campers too. The meaning to your passion is added when you spread it. When you join a community of like minded people and grow together. That’s when campers come into play. An Umbrella is also needed for camping, it might sound gauche, but the uncertainties of life should be met with utmost endurance and one should always have back up plans.

This beautiful explanation given by A PHD scientist, A wildlifer, A traveler, A revolutionist and the founder of Wild Wild Wanderer gives us encouragement and motivation. She also tells that Wildlife conservation is not just a piece of information for our future, our children, but it is a responsibility. Awareness and education are they key elements in shaping mind and bringing about a change. Our earth needs to be protected. Our future needs to be safeguarded. And this only comes when change is the objective. When revolution is the goal. The drive to bring any change either in yourself or in the society, comes from within.

According to the study, a child’s brain is a pool of ideas. A child is more likely to adapt the changes and understand things than an adult. So childhood is the right age to start shaping your child’s brain without affecting his own freedom of expressions. When the child finds his or her passion, become their catalyst. Support them and guide them through the process. Due to an exponential growth in technology, children have a plethora of knowledge just at their one click. We should ensure that their energy and time are spent in the right direction and they find the right campers throughout their journey of growing. That’s how a child can have a perfect campfire looking back at his childhood with a smile on his face and tears of joy.

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