Knowledge is Power, and Education is the anatomy of this power. Our education is our epitome of building up new blocks in life and transpiring our goals ahead. For every human being education plays a vital role, and within the years followed by; our education system have indeed transformed into an enigmatic way of paradigm and conspired from the traditional system into a more flexible and student-centred form. ”Education is not just a work of transfer of information” says Ashok Kumar the founder ‘Muni International School, Surat’ who believes that children should not only be limited or confined to the standards of education but also aspire in different perspectives and have choices and alternatives in the life. And also, for us education must be our storage of information and the representation and cultivating of new thoughts, new ideas. “Necessity is the mother of Invention” but as Sire, Ashok Kumar quoted what we require in this 21st century is the processing of new thoughts and reforming the ancient Greek quotation into “Thought is the mother of invention”.

Our children are our future and they hold preeminent importance in building up our society, where likewise the gen-z is developing and amidst the dire situation of this pandemic their education also, bridged the boundaries for learning at the pace of different sphere. The circumstances didn’t set the limits but indeed paved a path for more and more learning even through video calls and substantially students enormously engaging into various forms of digital learning. Difficulties at this time are adverse, but the process of learning should be continuous according to our reverent guest, he adds that with the changing education structure of education the children are even filling up the generation gap and communication for them have been an affirmative aspect of learning and understanding and firmly believes that the online education shall change the procedure of our education system and expand into a new form of comprehending and open up a new chapter. Also he express, that how school itself is a platform where children are guided on how every child is special in his/her own way and how they should inculcate their talent because the society and the mankind is already replaced by machines, technology and artificial intelligence and therefore we need to learn to be a human first and a human for this society.


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