Sometimes its inspirational, and somettimes its connecting people and sometimes even reliving the present.

We all can emphatically agree that how our plans for vacations have merely been unfulfilled because of the pandemic but needn’t worry because kidzpreneur is back with its talk series with Anurag Singhal the founder of ‘Travel on Street’ who will unleash on how we can definitely plan and reevaluate our next trip with travel on street.

His journey started from a small town and then working with call centre operations (Airtel, Spice Telecom) and travel space and it wasn’t until sixteen years of working experience which finally made him realize, he had to optimize into the travel industry and what motivated him is one of the key reason for the establishment of ‘Travel on Street’ -that despite the development in 21st century with various technology and gadgets, what we are missing is human touch, and the personal relationship with the people. And travel on street, creates and focuses on consumer service and their satisfaction.

The students/ kids are the actual ambassadors of the travel industry ‘sir quotes and he’s speaks on how they should be involved in learning hospitality courses and articulate with innovations and firmly believes that kidzpreneur is such a platform that certainly will give entrepreneurs to this sector. Despite, this tough time children should try to stay positive, be practical and read more.

This phase have been a quite hard time for all of us because in the present there is no more family vacation to Taj Mahal, visiting the Pink city, no more romantic nights in Paris, walking down the streets of New York, or having a slice of pizza in Italy. But according to Anurag Singhal complying to the current situation he believes that there will be more domestic travel as “India with its diversity is beautiful” but the experience will be different, with new norms and rules of maintain social distancing because with the growing consequences safety and being cautious is a vital aspect. With which Amit Mishra our co-founder adds on how one can be optimistic, self motivate besides how this lockdown has pushed us into our own limits and at the moment all we can do is sit back, relax and enjoy and plan for our next trip. And probably, now we know where can switch to for our future vacation.

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