Mrs. Kaul believes that these unforeseen circumstances are not difficult times, but different times. She overlooks at the challenges with a lense of immense courage and confidence. She also claims, that when we will change our perspective, times shall pass more gracefully. Time is the best teacher and we must embrace every bit of it. These times are the most overwhelming phase of our life which we shall remember forever. This can be a foundation for better family bondings, better parenting, better learning, and better self-exploration.

She lay a solid emphasis on self-development while addressing the nationwide lockdown and also conveys her thoughtful message by stating that, ‘Lockdown or not, learning must go on’. Mrs. Saloni Kaul is an Entrepreneur and Business Management Coach with 30 years of industry experience. With traveling across the globe, she has gathered experiential knowledge with times and gains. She also conveys that one must have an agenda to work. A structured day and a functional routine is the key to maximize productivity, especially during lockdown days. Having a strong regime and punctually following it makes one move ahead in life.

Lockdown days are the new normal for all of us. Till when are we going to make excuses and stop ourselves from learning?

These unprecedented times can be new doors to new ways of learning. From a toddler becoming a YouTuber to an adult writing a novel, from a child developing business ideas to the elder one playing guitar. Trying times can be turned into opportunities and could be a gateway to innovation and creativity.

The speaker also stresses immensely upon the benefits of reading books. When you feel alone in such hard times, a book can be your best friend. The one who reads is the one who knows. These times have brought a technological revolution alongside, which calls for a lot of new habits and ways of functioning. Online studies, webinars, sessions, virtual classes, e-consultancies etc are changing the ways of growing up of a child. Parents must understand and support their children in such changing loops of life. Every child is unique. Every individual is different. A lot of things can ease out the process of inner engineering and make this self-exploration journey a success like books, arts, crafts, academic subjects, games etc. It is very important for the parents as well as the children to come into sync and function as a developing unit for a better future. Shifting trends call for flexibility and attitude to accept. From physical to virtual classes, the pyramid of learning might have changed its dimension but the foundation remains the same.

Mrs. Kaul has changed the lense to look upon the pandemic as an opportunity rather than a challenge.

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