Three failed startups and now a successful entrepreneur.

“Life has come to a complete standstill We don’t know how many people this virus will kill
This lockdown seems like an endless drill. This virus has left a deep void which will never fill Think of the laborers who are stuck in a cage. Their only means to survival was their daily wage. Corona spreading everywhere like a rage, So stay at home during this crucial stage. The stock market has crashed, business is down. It’s time to firmly hold your ground Just read a book and keep yourself mentally sound. When you are lost, it’s the best time to be found. This virus is a reminder that we are constantly on the run
Sometimes it’s good to stop and soak in the sun. There is a lot of damage that’s already been done. But hey! If you are sleeping with your family tonight, you are the blessed one.”

The insightful thoughts shared by the Expert in Counselling both the students and the parents in shaping their child’s future, Mr. Anmol Garg, An entrepreneur unlocks the code to the ultimate success of your child.

It is 2020 and we are heading towards an ocean full of dreams, eyes full of passion where sky is the limit. Mr. Anmol Garg tells how society had put him down, how he failed 3 times in his startup, and became successful. “Exams, Competition, Marks, Ranks, Numbers, Percentages, Degrees, Job, Promotion” is the enclosed chamber of old school thoughts that are still trapped in the minds of parents which ultimately leads to child’s troublesome journey. Parents are blindfolded with a myth to have a perfect, flawless child and this whole notion of making the child turn into a doctor or an engineer is what we need to stop.

Your child will fail. Your child will fall. Your child will fall again and again and get up every single time, We need to break the stereotypical barriers of learning for our child. Create a space for open communication for your child and learn his or her passion.

Expert says, ” Failures are learnings. You can’t have a life devoid of failures. Never pray for lessen burden, Pray for stronger backs. Look at failures as if they are learnings. ”
Expert also claims that finding passion is not an overnight job to do. It is Experimental and a few tips to find passion in yourself are as follows:-

1. Experiment with yourself. Do whatever you feel like doing. But always do the right thing. Answers to finding passion do not come immediately, it’s a process, let it happen.

2. Career counseling is also a good starting point to identify the strengths and weaknesses, interests and dislikes, and abilities as well. Do not depend your decisions based only on a psychometric test.

3. Have open communication with your parents, when you tall about your interests openly with confidence, you are more likely to tap your passion.

Societal pressures are the barriers we need to break. We need to mend our ways and start with the right approach in shaping our child’s career. From a doctor to a baker, your child can be anything, make sure you add fuel to it, flavor to it. Let your child fly, the sky is the limit.

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