We have been teleported to a new decade that transitions faster than previous ones. Global career market is reshaping at an incredible pace ever. The times we live in have changed the context of an ideal lifestyle, an ideal job etc. Our beliefs around an ideal career have changed drastically too.

Change, as they say, is inevitable.

Some facts cropping up includes – Google, Apple, EY, IBM making education degree non-mandatory for the new job opportunities. Other large corporations seek to tread the same line. Corporations are shunning degree criterion in hiring and this trend is only going to grow wider.

Top 5 job opportunities as analyzed by World Economic Forum in this decade were marginally existed in last one. Numerous jobs that existed so far, will no longer be needed some years hence.

Parents invest energy and money on child’s education in the hope of giving them a better chance for their future and their career. A child invests his/her time, spread over the 15+ years to learn nuances and information that he assumes will come handy in career. We (Parents and Kids) are invested in present in the hope of predictable future, alas, it may not be there for them.

With new transformation at such a pace, is our education system really changing that fast?

I am sure this question has been asked numerous times by many others. I dare to reflect on an alarming perspective that lurks not far away. Education system in its present format may be getting limiting and irrelevant to the demands of new time. The way learning is getting more focused, specific and also the choice of career people opt in the new future gets vivid with the numerous unforeseen possibilities. The time and energy spent on their education by majority of populations becomes irrelevant, marginalized and unnecessary investment. With new possibilities they need new skills with scope of information, awareness and deep focused skilling taking front seat in these career choices. Is our education system behaving like an ostrich and waiting for the transition gap to take us unprepared?

Focused relevant education (Skilling – as I prefer to call it), is this answer for the future that’s dawning on us. This skilling should have shorter learning curves, focused around the career choice made. Afterall, stakeholders (parents and kids) have the right to demand return on investment for 15 years they are paying for.

Is our education policy framework moving towards bridging that gap, or are we in rat race behind a pied piper, knowing well where it leads to?

Note: We shall talk more about this discussion and some possible way forwards. Feel free to offer your feedback and suggestions. Kidzpreneur team be looking forward to same.

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Shishir Miglani
Technology Evangelist. Education Transformation and Health Initiatives.

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